Take Advantage of Estonian Tax Advantages

Estonia Company Formation and Opening a Bank Account

You can easily establish a company without going to Estonia and open a bank account without the need for a wet signature. If you wish, you can establish your company in Estonia without a partner or with a partner. We support you in the E-Residency (Estonia E-visa / E-Residence) Application processes and complete all your processes after you go to the consulate without going to Estonia. In addition to managing your accounting processes in Estonia, you can get a legal address for your company to establish in Estonia and open an online bank account. In this way, we manage all legal and tax formalities for you while you focus on your business.

With the many advantages it provides to investors, Estonia is becoming a favorite of those who want to start a business. It offers investors the opportunity to start a business without having to live in Estonia or even go to Estonia with the possibility of e-residency.


Take Advantage of Estonian Tax Advantages

With the company you will establish in Estonia, you can get rid of the tax burden for all your invoices to be issued outside of Europe. You can easily balance your company’s income and expenses and benefit from income tax advantages.

Banks in Estonia
Once your business is legally established, you can access Europe-based digital banking solutions and generate income from your business to a European business account. At the same time, you can open a personal account through these banks and transfer money anywhere in the world with very small commissions and very quickly.

Estonia is a leader in the field of e-government. Thanks to business development in the field of IT and digital technologies, it has become a country of attraction. The country is also famous for its high cybersecurity standards.

Estonya e ticaret ödeme sistemi Online Ödeme Sistemleri

Estonia Online Payment Systems

Estonia, which allows you to work with advantageous payment institutions around the world for businesses that receive online collections, also provides the opportunity to easily manage your collections.

With virtual pos collection systems such as Stripe, PayPal, Rapid, etc., you can get it into your bank account without the need for a wet signature and manage it safely as you wish.

You can make your B2B sales and all your sales outside the European Union without VAT and benefit from 0% tax advantage in Estonia.

Estonia, the Silicon Valley of Europe, is an EU country that has the highest number of startups per capita and is home to many technology companies, i.e. unicorns, worth over $1 billion per country.

Online Company Formation in Estonia

Setting up a company in Estonia makes it easier for you to bring your business to the status of an international company. Once the process of setting up your business in Estonia is complete, you can start all the activities as a business in the EU, such as Bank Account, Stripe Virtual POS Account, Account PayPal, and Sales in the world market. The process of starting a business in Estonia can be done remotely. This allows the establishment of a business to happen quickly. Those who want to establish a company in the information and technology sector do not have to pay the 20% tax determined as corporate tax in Estonia. Non-EU citizens can obtain a visa to open a startup in Estonia.

Company Formation and Bank Account in Estonia

Frequently Asked Questions for Estonia Location

As we have established companies in many countries of Western Europe, we also establish companies in Estonia.

In particular, Estonia is one of our preferences to benefit from various incentives, exemptions and facilities.

Once the incorporation card has been issued, an application is made to a work file from the Ministry of Human Resources (MOHRE) to add an employee visa under your company.

In addition to the costs of starting a business in Estonia, individuals and companies looking to set up and manage an office should consider the costs of offices and staff to manage the business formation process. 

Anyone who starts a business in Estonia needs to have a very good business plan to find angel investors.

Estonia is a foreign language region, so anyone who wants to start a business here must know English.

When setting up a company in Estonia, company fees are paid in Euros. Competitors operating in Estonia are very strong.

When calculating consumption tax and withholding tax, it is important where the service is provided and where the service is used. The provision or use of the Services is subject to VAT and withholding tax in Turkey. In case the service is not provided or used in Turkey, this service is not subject to VAT and withholding.
The corporate tax rate is 20% and is applied to dividends and paid by the resident institution that distributes them. There is no separate withholding on dividend payments paid to institutions. There is no withholding tax on dividends or interest, except for interest earned by non-resident investors from Estonian contracted funds or other pools of assets.
Entrepreneurs are not automatically considered subject to VAT. Only persons whose taxable goods (excluding imports) exceed 40,000 euros in one calendar year are subject to VAT. The latter is calculated for the delivery of goods and services as part of commercial activities, as well as for the self-delivery of goods and services.

Company formation with World Company Setup uses the Estonian Business Register API, which is a natural person limitation as a founder. This means that our online company formation service is not suitable for everyone who wants to set up a company in Estonia.

There is an alternative to registering the company through the government portal and using our virtual office and contact person service.

Company formation with World Company Setup uses the Estonian Business Register API, which is a natural person limitation as a founder. This means that our online company formation service is not suitable for everyone who wants to set up a company in Estonia.

There is an alternative to registering the company through the government portal and using our virtual office and contact person service. 

Let’s explain e-citizenship before moving on to the information about starting a company in Estonia. E-Citizenship is a digital citizenship created by the Estonian state in 2014 to support ideas and start-ups in the digital field. Anyone who has an entrepreneurial idea can apply for this e-citizenship, and with the e-citizenship you will receive, you will have the opportunity to start a company in Europe without dealing with any bureaucracy.

What Can Be Done with E-Residency? Why Should I Get an E-Session?
All documents and contracts can be signed digitally.
The accuracy of the signed documents can be confirmed.
Documents can be sent in encrypted form.
A company can be established remotely in Europe with an online application without going to Europe. (You must also have a valid Estonian address and a bank account. It is recommended that the necessary applications for the establishment of a company should be made by lawyers who are experts in their field.)
The company can be managed from anywhere in the world.
Remote money transfer transactions can be made with e-banking transactions.
Online pay service providers can be contacted.
Tax declaration can be made online. (Tax payment and registration, separate from the E-Session, are external transactions.)

There is no obligation to open an office in Estonia, but all companies in the country must have an address in Estonia. A virtual office service registered in Estonia is considered an office.

Virtual office in Estonia. We offer long-term rentals, secretarial services, and addresses for businesses that do not have administrative staff. Estonian virtual office workers can work from anywhere with access to addresses, customer service, meeting rooms, video conferencing, and other services.

To open a corporate bank account in Estonia, you will need a copy of the identity document of the company’s director or shareholder, a copy of the company’s director’s signature, a copy of the company’s articles of association, the company’s certificate of incorporation from the Estonian Business Register. Business A certificate of activity issued through registration requires the preparation of a special application form, which must be provided by the bank.

Opening a bank account in Estonia is an advantage when starting a business. When opening a bank account in Estonia, it is necessary to explain the reason for opening a bank account. After paying the account opening fee, you need a valid ID, phone. number, email address, current address, and invoice number.

Why should you apply for a cryptocurrency license in Estonia?

Estonia offers attractive conditions for obtaining a single license for cryptocurrency exchanges and electronic wallets.

As an EU member, Estonia issues an EU cryptocurrency license, which allows to work in other European countries without having to apply for a license there. This is probably the main advantage of obtaining a cryptocurrency license in Estonia.

The new AML (prevention of money laundering) regulations came into force in the country on March 10, 2020. All existing companies have to make the necessary changes in their activities to comply with the new requirements.

In addition, as of the above-mentioned date, a single license – Virtual Currency Provider – is being used instead of the two licenses previously used (electronic wallet license and virtual October exchange license).

The licensee has the right to provide the following subclasses of services:

Electronic wallets;

Crypto exchanges;

Crypto pay system;

Alternative pay system;

Wholesale purchase of precious stones, metals and jewelry.

The basic requirements that an Estonian-based company must fulfill when applying for a cryptocurrency license in Estonia are:

Minimum required capital of the organization – 12,000 euros;

A physical office and a registered legal address in Estonia;

Estonian coach(s);

Clean criminal records Jul for company founders;

A resume for every company founder;

A bank account located in the EEA or an account in a Neobank or Fintech company.

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