Montenegro Company Formation and Residency

Montenegro is a country located in the southeast of Europe, on the Adriatic coast of the Balkans. The official currency of Montenegro, which is adjacent to Italy and Croatia, is the Euro. Montenegro has been a member of NATO since June 5, 2017. By 2028, Montenegro's EU membership is expected to be approved.

If it becomes a full member of the EU, Montenegro will be a strategic transit point to open up to the European Union's huge market. Business people who want to establish a company in Montenegro, which is expected to be admitted to the union in the near future, like its neighbor Croatia, plan to open the doors of Europe to their trade by obtaining a residence permit.

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Montenegro Company Opening

To establish a company in Montenegro, you can establish your company within a period of 5 days by proxy or by going directly. Individuals who establish a company can apply directly for residency and complete the Montenegro work permit processes without any problems.

With our professional team, you can manage the Montenegro company formation processes without encountering hidden costs, and you can learn all the details you need to know.

Montenegro Residence 

There is more than one way to get residency in Montenegro. The easiest of these is to establish a company in Montenegro and get a residency.

After your company establishment is completed within 5 to 8 days, we start your residency processes in Montenegro.

If you have decided to live in Montenegro, a lovely country with many possibilities, you can apply for a temporary residence and work permit in Montenegro after opening your company.

Bank Account & Accounting

Assisting with corporate or individual bank account opening after Montenegro company registration is among our services. We also provide company registration address and virtual office service. By giving a power of attorney, we can complete all your processes for you before you come to Montenegro.  Your accounting and insurance follow-up processes are followed by our team.  Set up your company, get your session and manage all your processes without facing additional costs. 

Register Company in Montenegro

There are many positive reasons for opening a Montenegro company. The most important of these reasons is the expectation of EU membership approval, which is expected in 2025. Entrepreneurs who want to trade within the borders of the EU and who want to have a session have accelerated the processes for opening a business in Montenegro. 

Tax Rates in Montenegro?

The standard rate of Montenegrin value added tax (VAT) is 21% and the discounted rate according to the sector is 7% to 0%. The corporate Deciency tax rate in Montenegro is between 9% and 15% based on income.

How Can I Open a Personal Bank Account in Montenegro?

Montenegro’s banking system accepts nomadic customers from many parts of the world, but there are some countries with restrictions. These include Sudan, Costa Rica, Brunei and others. You can find a complete list of restrictions on bank websites. 

Documents Required to Open a Bank Account in Montenegro

Most people will only need a few simple documents to open a bank account in Octavia – but most banks can and do request additional information if they think they need it. 

In general, you need to provide:

A valid ID in the form of a passport or other government-issued photo identification document

Proof of employment in Montenegro if you work locally

If you are running a business, proof of business activities in Montenegro

Proof of address, such as a lease or deed of a property you own

Many banks will ask you to make a small deposit when you open your account.

Benefits of Setting Up a Company in Montenegro

The right to free movement in all European countries after the ratification of EU membership.

If your company’s invoices in Montenegro are issued to Turkey, the USA and similar countries, you do not need to pay VAT.

Montenegro has Free Trade Agreements with EU countries, EFTA countries, CEFTA countries, Turkey, Russia and Ukraine. By establishing a company in Montenegro, you can take advantage of the commercial advantages of all these agreements.

Although the properties you can buy individually in Montenegro are limited, there is no upper limit on the properties that companies can buy.

Montenegro, which became a NATO member in 2017, is a safe country to live in. It is a country preferred by retirees in the European Union country. You can easily take advantage of the opportunities in this beautiful country by establishing a company and obtaining a residence permit. Establishing a company in Montenegro also creates an alternative living space for your business and family.

What you need to know for company and residency in Montenegro

We provide services in Montenegro for company establishment – bank account opening – visa and all other areas you need.


Montenegro has an advantageous tax system compared to other countries. Corporate tax rates range from 9% to 15%, depending on earnings. Capital gains and dividend tax is also capped at 15%. Salary taxes and contributions depend on the amount of the net salary, but can be as low as €117.00 for the minimum salary.

Below are the basic taxes you need to pay after opening a company in Montenegro.

Taxation for companies:

VAT on invoices issued – 21% (it can be 7% or 0%, depending on the products you sell);
Salary taxes and social contribution – approximately 26% of the minimum net salary (may increase according to the amount of the net salary)
Corporate tax – varies at a rate of 9-15% per annum, depending on the amount of profit.

Personal taxes:

If you receive the dividend from the company, the dividend (capital gains tax) – up to 15%.

You can build your company with 100% ownership. If you need a Montenegrin partner, we can offer you the service of a manager candidate.

Register easily and quickly:

1 – Contact us and make an appointment for company establishment,
2 – Determine your company name (it is recommended to be in English.),
3 – Prepare the necessary information for company registration (personal information and documents of the founder and manager, company address (can be a virtual office), field of activity and minimum capital amount
4 – We will ensure that the power of attorney is prepared and delivered to you.
5 – After your company is established, you can get information from us for our accounting, residence and work permit and other services.

Company registration is easy, and you can set up a company as a sole partner. We can complete all your transactions by proxy. We send it to the Central Business Register and usually receive approval within a short period of time. 

Foreign investors can establish a company with 100% shares in Montenegro. First of all, the name should be determined for the company to be opened in Montenegro and the chosen name should not be used by any other organization.

The amount of capital required to establish a company in Montenegro is “1 EURO”. It is enough to have any elementary, high school, or university diploma, a criminal record, and a valid passport. 

There is no language requirement. 

To establish a company in Montenegro and to obtain residency, you need a lease agreement. With the virtual office, you can establish your company with these processes and complete your session processes.

No, it is not mandatory to live in Montenegro. The residence permit is obtained annually and is regularly renewed every year. By paying the insurance fee, you can make your company active or inactive. You also don’t have to travel to the country except when you get your residence permit.No, it is not mandatory to live in Montenegro. The residence permit is obtained annually and is regularly renewed every year. By paying the insurance fee, you can make your company active or inactive. You also don’t have to travel to the country except when you get your residence permit.

According to Montenegrin law, only one owner from each company (including spouse and children under the age of 18) can benefit from residency-related benefits. The partner with the lower share must live in Montenegro for 11 months in order to obtain a residence permit. The partner with a low share cannot obtain a permanent residence permit after five years.

Montenegro is a country that has completed the candidacy process for EU membership and expects to become an EU member at the first session. Once EU membership has been approved, it is possible to travel to Schengen countries without a visa. 

The official currency of Montenegro is the EURO. It has free trade agreements with the European Union and Turkey. Intensive summer-winter tourism, import-export and ease of doing business, Turkey, Russia and Europe-based investments stand out. 

Montenegro welcomes more than 4 million tourists every year. There are investment opportunities in the tourism and service sector. In addition to the fact that it is cheap and fast to establish a company, you can continue your economic activities in European Union countries from Montenegro due to low tax rates.

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