Legal Consulting

Organizations setting up companies and opening bank accounts in the United States, entrepreneurs need legal advisors who can assist with day-to-day activities as well as corporate life events in many jurisdictions. World Company Setup practitioners use professional solutions to provide efficient and transparent support to the legal activities that companies manage.

Commercial Legal Consultancy
Cooperation Legal Consultancy
Digital Legal Consultancy
Controversial Decision Consulting
Business Law Consultancy
Acquisitions Consultancy
Real Estate Consultancy
Tax System Consultancy
Banking Consultancy

Yurtdışı Hukuk Danışmanlığı
Legal Consultancy on Many Issues
Company incorporation and legal support, accounting services and auditing, tax planning, trademark registration and patent registration, etc. Our professionals are always ready to help you with your work.

We understand and keep up-to-date with the latest corporate structuring regulations and trends in order to analyze our clients’ existing or proposed structures and suggest savings and optimization opportunities, while fully complying with local and regional legal regulations.

International Payment

Confirmation of the legal status of activities aimed at transferring funds to/from the accounts of customers and authorized persons.

Visa - Master - Paypal

Confirmation of the legitimate activity of enterprises to transfer funds to or from the customer's accounts, all payment solutions.

The Tax System

Patent alma/bir TM oluşturma yoluyla nesnenin kullanım hakkının korunması, kullanımın mali ve kurumsal değerinin artırılması.

Real Estate

Confirmation of legal status for real estate ownership, as well as protection from additional financial and tax liabilities.


Verification of the legal status of the activities carried out and the absence of contradictions with the laws of the countries participating in the process.

Commercial Law

Preparation of various commercial contracts from service contracts, license agreements and franchising, production and contracts.


Commercial Legal Consultancy

World Company Setup’s experienced practitioners bring a practical focus to commercial legal solutions that help clients manage increasingly stringent regulations and local practices. Our lawyers work as part of multidisciplinary teams with colleagues in disciplines such as tax, consultancy, risk, financial advisory, and professionals focusing on key sectors and industries. This cross-functional approach helps World Company Setup take a holistic view of its customers.

Commercial Consulting
Commercial Contracts
Full-Scale Pre-Bankruptcy Solutions
Transfer Proposal Documentation,

Intra-Group Contracts

Cooperation Legal Consultancy

World Company Setup provides guidance to its customers about a wide range of problems arising from daily operational activities. Our practitioners combine our local judicial experience with our knowledge of global coordination. 

Some of the most common consultancies we serve to our clients are;


  • Requests for legal advice on foreign investment issues
  • Merger of companies and companies in various shapes and characteristics
  • Corporate record maintenance and legal bookkeeping
  • Preparation and negotiation of NDAs, as well as confidentiality and settlement agreements
  • Examination, negotiation and preparation of all kinds of commercial contracts
  • Draft of the company policies on confidentiality, anti-corruption and privacy
  • Preparation of board minutes, powers of attorney and general or special powers of attorney
  • Negotiation and arrangement of all kinds of negotiable instruments and credit transactions
  • Corporate restructuring, transformation, liquidation and liquidation operations
  • Establishment of subsidiaries, representative offices and branches of foreign companies in any jurisdiction
  • Corporate regulation
  • Corporate compliance and risk assessment

Digital Legal Consultancy

The Internet of Things, robotics and artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, big data, the cloud and 3D printing – technologies are developing rapidly, and as a result, large and small, private and public organizations are fundamentally rethinking how they work. World Company Setup organizes digital law offerings specifically for each client; combines its Legal and Regulatory capabilities with other businesses such as Consulting, Auditing, Risk Consulting, Financial Consulting and Tax to create an integrated and holistic approach.

  • Contract laws and special laws, including cloud, outsourcing and smart contracts
    Mandatory laws and regulations – cyber, IT, e-commerce and privacy, and regulatory issues related to data protection and e-commerce
  • IP laws and Trade secrets related to data, cyber, IT and e-commerce and the cloud , e.g. copyright, patent and trademark laws, legal aspects of IP taxation (e.g. OECD BEPS and Digital Value Chain Compliance)

Support can range from expert advice to legal project management and automated solutions.

Banking and Finance Consultancy

World Company Setup practitioners serve clients with various banking and securities law solutions. Our banking and finance team has an extensive consulting background in transaction banking. Our lawyers, who work together with financial advisors, tax and accounting practitioners, provide their clients with a unique holistic value.

The services focus on financing transactions, including new money financing, refinancing and loan restructurings in bilateral and syndicated loans. Our lawyers also support clients in all areas of financing arrangements, such as business and finance agreements and intra-group financing.

Labor Law and Ancillary Rights Consultancy

Because a wide range of labor issues can affect a company’s ability to attract and retain talent, or damage its reputation and market value all at once, companies need reliable, globally scalable employment law solutions.

Global Mobility: managing the increasing complexity of an internationally mobile workforce

Individual Employment Law: termination of employment, employment contracts, manuals and policies

Contingent Workforce: from the creation of the workforce strategy to the drafting of the appropriate context, provisions and policies
Workforce Transformation: from consultation to downsizing or right-sizing procedures
Compensation and Benefits: from global equity schemes to corporate governance and regulation, including CEO pay ratios, gender pay gap reporting and compliance with minimum wage requirements