Albania Company Establishment and Residence

We manage all the necessary processes to set up a branch, subsidiary company or representative office in Albania along with all the necessary processes for setting up a company or partnership in Albania and with full support offered by our legal experts A registered office is also required to set up a company in Albania. It is also necessary to have a bank account and a local accountant before setting up a company in Albania. The overall fast and easy process of establishing a company; Albania is a party to double taxation treaties with about 40 trading countries; Low cost labor compared to other European countries. There are several ways to do business in Albania, the most common being to set up an Albanian limited liability company. Foreign companies are allowed to open a representative office if they do not plan to carry out any commercial or productive activities.

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Obtaining a Residence Permit in Albania

Obtaining a Residence Permit in Albania
Holders of a residence permit in Albania can apply for Albanian citizenship after residing in Albania for five consecutive years (more than 180 days in a year). A type D visa is needed to enter and stay in Albania while processing the residence permit application. Ways to obtain residency and citizenship in Albania; Family reunification, buying a property, starting a company, working, marriage, education. 

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Albania Company Formation

Albania is a permanently transforming jurisdiction. Among others, it takes small steps to constantly update its business environment. In particular, this can be explained by the simplification of business registration procedures and diversified incentives in many industries, including foreign investors. As a result of these efforts, Albania has become a hub for many startups, many of which are based in the country’s capital, Tirana.

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Opening a Bank Account in Albania

In addition to favorable business conditions, Albania is also good in terms of its strategic geographical location, wealth of natural resources, skilled and inexpensive labor. Sectors such as energy, agriculture, transportation, and telecommunications are among the leading sectors for investment. Foreign entrepreneurs consider these areas in the first place to establish a company in Albania. The Albanian bank account opening process must be done within 20 days of company formation. 

What you need to know to set up a company and open a bank account in Albania

Benefits of Setting Up a Company in Albania

Easier company formation process in Albania

Double taxation treaties

Low corporate tax rate

Lower labor costs compared to other European countries

Strategic location (access to Europe and the Balkan peninsula)

Albania Company Formation – Frequently Asked Questions for Bank Account and Other Requirements

We provide services in Albania for company formation – residence permit, bank account opening – visa and all other areas you need.

A company formation in Albania takes 10 working days. It is also possible to buy a ready-made company in two to four weeks.

It is not possible to start a business in Albania without registration.

Yes, it is necessary to have a registered address in Albania to complete the required company registration and incorporation process.

The registration of the company name begins with the filing of the appropriate documents, World Company Setup assists in the preparation and compilation of the necessary documents that ensure that it meets the requirements set by the commercial register regarding the company registration.


To obtain a residence permit, you must apply online to the Albanian Immigration Office within thirty days of your entry into Albania. A decision on your application will be made within thirty days of your online application.

It will take up to one month for residence permit applications to be processed at the Immigration Department. If all legal requirements and required documents are not met, the processing time may be extended. The Immigration Office will contact the alien who made the request if necessary.

Apply for a residence permit
Define the type of visa. 

Choose the right type of residence permit for your trip
Start your application. Start submitting your visa application
Make an appointment
Pay your fees
Visit a Visa Application Centre
Track your application
Get your passport

A residence permit will allow you to stay in Albania for longer than 90 days. Depending on the purpose of your stay, you can apply for a residence permit for the purposes of work, study, family reunification, etc. You must apply for a residence permit 30 days after entering Albania.

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