Dubai Free Zone and Mainland Company Establishment

We help you decide which region is suitable for your business needs, especially location, capital requirement, price, type of business, office options. Companies established in free zones are subject to the rules of the relevant free zones. Company Formation in Dubai, United Arab Emirates UAE free zones offer various types of business licenses to investors and entrepreneurs according to the nature of the business. Minimum taxation, 100% foreign ownership of the enterprise, UAE residence visa, no trade barriers, 100% repatriation of capital and profit to the country are the advantages of a free zone. There are wide-ranging import and export policies. There is no personal income tax. Comprehensive infrastructure and facilities provide a wide range of activities.

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Business setup in Dubai company calculate your cost. Dubai you can get starting a company, opening a bank account and all other services from a single point. The cost of starting a company in Dubai, commercial activity, visa
and depending on other factors, it starts at AED 18,750.

Types of Licenses in Dubai, UAE

Free zone companies are limited to carrying out activities related to the business license and will have to rent an office space in the free zone where they are registered. Free zone companies can obtain a residence visa in Dubai, UAE for their managers, employees and shareholders.
Each type of business license serves a specific business sector. Choosing the right license is not easy, and as an investor, a business must be established that meets the needs of you and your target customers. 
Professional License: Find out how you can get a license that allows you to trade, buy and sell goods and services in Dubai, the UAE and beyond. Discover some of the advantages of obtaining a commercial license in mainland Dubai.
Craftsmanship License: Blacksmiths, plumbers, carpenters, jewelers, etc. for people who practice their craft independently, such as.
Commercial License: A type of license that allows you to trade, buy and sell goods and other goods in Dubai, the UAE and beyond. Necessary for any activity related to trade, transportation, contracting, real estate or similar activities.
Tourism License: Provide superior tourism, flight booking and hotel management services in the heart of global tourist attractions. Learn more about how we can help you get the perfect type of tourism license in Dubai that suits your business goals.
Industrial License: Your business activity is for production, storage, packaging, manufacturing activities and/or various factory facilities. An industrial license on the Dubai Mainland allows you to conduct your industrial activities throughout the UAE in accordance with the rules and regulations of the relevant authorities
In the fields of international transactions and investment

Frequently Asked Questions

Companies in Dubai and all Emirates are exempt from tax. 5% VAT is applied to businesses and services in the UAE and this makes the UAE one of the most tax-friendly countries.

Dubai and the UAE in general have a large number of free trade zones. These allow foreigners to easily start a company and own 100% of the company’s shares. Free zone companies in Dubai are tax-exempt.

With the help of government incentives, the United Arab Emirates provides ease of company establishment for new ventures with developing economic Sundays.

World Company Setup UAE provides professional support during your trip to Dubai.

Mainland companies are exempt from corporate tax in Dubai.
The minimum capital requirement for setting up a mainland company is 0%.
Compared with starting a business in a free trade zone, mainland companies provide a lot of room for diversification. It has various options for conducting business activities.
Mainland companies can establish business relationships with other mainland companies in Dubai or the UAE and conduct business almost anywhere. Within a free trade zone, commercial activities are only allowed within designated free zones.
Mainland companies are unique in that they can choose an office location anywhere in Dubai, giving them the opportunity to not only serve the local market but also to establish multiple corporate branches. This makes for a massive presence in the field.
Companies in the free trade zone can only execute private commercial contracts, while mainland companies can execute government contracts

Completed application form for registration
Biometric photo
Registration application
Local country address registration

According to the activity group specified in the DED standards, 7 to 10 activities can be included in a single license, where all activities must be of the same nature.

In the United Arab Emirates free zones, you can do business in many areas such as finance, education, retail, accommodation and media. Get advice on businesses and commercial activities allowed in free zones.

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