UAE Dubai Mainland Company Establishing

If you want to register your mainland company in Dubai or another Emirate, as World Company Setup we will assist you with our experience in choosing your corporate structure. In addition to UAE Dubai company setup, residence visa and bank account opening consultancy, we provide accounting and management services after establishment. For mainland company in Dubai, the license, location and business type has o be cohorent to your business needs. Mainland company formation in Dubai may be one of best solutions for your industrial, commercial, consultancy, retail, education, healthcare, technology, manufacturing and for other investments. It provides an ideal trading environment for foreign investors.

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Opening a Dubai Mainland Corporate Bank Account

Opening a bank account in Dubai is the next step after company formation. Corporate banks in Dubai, UAE offer multi-currency accounts. A multi-currency account allows you to trade with multiple currencies. It is very beneficial for foreign investors as it reduces overall transaction costs and keeps money transfers hassle-free.

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Advantages of Establishing a Company in Dubai Mainland

100% return of capital
Opportunity of opening more than one branch on the mainland
Opportunity for foreign entrepreneurs to trade/operate directly with the local market.
Exemption from customs duty on imports and exports
Access to new markets in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia
Double Taxation Avoidance agreements with more than 110 countries
Lowest cost, simple establishment procedures for entrepreneurs who want to establish a company in Dubai, UAE

Opening a Mainland Company in Dubai

The Department of Economic Development (DED) was established to ensure economic growth in the Emirate of Dubai and to effectively implement relevant policies. DED works towards realizing the government’s vision of expansion and development of various economic sectors. Opening a Mainland company in Dubai is an ideal option for investors to gain a strong presence in Dubai’s local markets. 

Limited Company is the most preferred company type when establishing a company on the mainland in Dubai. Mainland Business Setup provides investors with greater flexibility in terms of business expansion. It allows investors to easily open new office space or warehouses, employ staff, and work on government projects.

Basic Features of the Companies in Dubai Mainland

SicilMainland companies in Dubai are registered to the Economic Development Department in Dubai.
License TypesCommercial License, Vocational License, Trade License and Industrial License.
OfficesDepending on the size of the company, there may be more than one offices.
LocationThe office can be found anywhere in the mainland of Dubai.
TaxVAT is 5 %.
VAT is 5 %.100 %foreign ownership for activities covered by ‘Positive List’.  For all other activities, local sponsor must have a 51 %share in LLC. (This does not apply to single -person organizations.)
CapitalThere is no need for paid capital.

World Company Setup assists you throughout and after the process of establishment a company in Dubai. Company formation consists of the stages of deciding on the trade name, preparing company documents and preparing the articles of association (AoA).

Documents Required for Mainland Company Establishment in Dubai

  • Proof of registration and license application as well as registered trade name.
  • Photocopy of the applicant’s passport
  • Gulf Cooperation from the applicant’s current sponsor
  • Approval given by other Government authorities depending on the type of activity.
  • Decision of the board of directors (if the partner is an existing legal entity).

Dubai Mainland Frequently Asked Questions

The mainland company is suitable for United Arab Emirates local market targets. Free zone business setup is 100% foreign owned, personal tax free and simplified. It is preferred by companies that focus on international markets or engage in industrial activities in certain free zones. To decide between setting up Dubai mainland and Dubai free zone, you need to carefully evaluate your business goals and needs.

Business Activities: While mainland Dubai offers a wider range of business activities, free zones often cater to specific sectors or industries.
Trading: If your business involves trading directly with the UAE market, a mainland license may be more beneficial.
Ownership: If 100% foreign ownership is important to you, a free zone setup would be ideal.
Expansion Plans: If you plan to expand your business in the UAE, a mainland setup may offer more flexibility.
Cost: Installation and operating costs vary between mainland and free zones.

Renewing your business license in Dubai involves several important steps. First of all, your rental agreement must be valid for at least three more months from the date you apply for renewal. You must fill out a renewal form and provide the required documentation including the payment number for renewal fees. Once all these are completed, you submit them to the DED. Once your application is approved, renewal fees are paid and your license will be renewed.,

Dubai’s highly developed digital infrastructure is one of the reasons why it is a preferred destination for businesses. The city is undergoing a major digital transformation benefiting startups and SMEs. DED provides comprehensive information on starting an online business. It has digital initiatives that encourage business investments and support startups.

World Company Setup business setup consultants guide you through every step of the complex business setup process. It helps you choose the right business activity and name. It provides support in the process of obtaining your business license and all the paperwork required to open a corporate bank account. We have strong relationships with government departments, institutions, banks and insurance companies, which can add great value to you as you build your business. Since our consultants are familiar with local requirements and laws, they save you time and effort. If you are recruiting employees, we also advise on the process of arranging their visas. Our goal is to make your business setup as efficient and hassle-free as possible, allowing you to focus on running your business once it’s established.

Opening a corporate bank account in Dubai is a simple process but requires some documentation and a visit to the UAE.

Choosing a bank that suits your business needs
appointment with bank
Required documents, which usually include your passport, proof of address and proof of income. Some banks may request additional documents.
The bank will perform a credit check and verify your identity. Note that the process may take two to four weeks. It is important to choose the right account type for your needs.

UAE Golden Visa is a long-term residence program designed primarily for investors, entrepreneurs and other highly skilled professionals. Unlike regular visas, which are usually valid for up to 3 years, the Golden Visa can provide residence rights for 5 or 10 years and can be automatically renewed in some cases. One of the unique features of the Golden Visa is that it does not require a national sponsor, making the application process easier. It also allows the visa holder to own 100% of their business in the UAE. However, the Golden Visa program has strict eligibility criteria and is generally aimed at people looking to make significant investments in the UAE.